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Dave Martin Senior Director, Product Management and Roman Jeitziner Head of Sales Engineering at Open Systems on Security

In this episode, Max Clark talks with Open System’s Sr. Director of Product Management Threat Response, Dave Martin, and Head of Sales Engineering North America, Roman Jeitziner. Dave and Roman provide an in-depth discussion on Open Systems solutions and the many ways it’s tailored to their customer’s varying needs.

William Wohnoutka VP Product Management - Global Internet and Content Delivery Services at CenturyLink on Leadership, Connectivity, and Customer Needs.

On today’s podcasts, Max Clark talks with William Wohnoutka, CenturyLink’s Vice President of Product Management for Global Internet and Content Delivery Services, about leadership, the customer standpoint, and connectivity.

Ashwath Nagaraj CTO and Co-founder at Aryaka on the Evolution of Aryaka’s Vision and Technology

On today’s podcasts, Max Clark talks with Aryaka’s CTO and Co-founder, Ashwath Nagaraj about the actual impact of SD enterprises and how their product has evolved to support their customer’s needs.

Yash Bajpai System Engineer Leader at CloudGenix on How CloudGenix Differs from Other Products

In this episode of the podcast, Max Clark takes a deep dive with CloudGenix System Engineer Leader, Yash Bajpai, into the technical deployment and offers how CloudGenix differs from other products.

Ryan Williams Manager of Channel Sales at CloudGenix on SD-WAN

This episode was recorded shortly before the acquisition by Palo Alto Networks, Max Clark talks to Ryan Williams, manager of Channel Sales at CloudGenix, about their approach to SD-WAN, and integrations with cloud-based security tools. Ryan talks about how time to innocence matters to IT teams globally. Given the timing, we look forward to having Ryan back on to talk about the acquisition and how it will benefit their customers going forward.

Chris Riley Chief Information Security Officer with Ntirety talks Security Standards

In this episode, Max Clark talks with Ntirety’s Chief Information Security Officer, Chris Riley, about what cybersecurity is today and how Ntirety works with their clients to create the kind of boundaries to move forward safely and compliantly without having an impact on the user.

Ivan Paynter National Security Specialist on Why We Need to Pay Attention to Security

Could your business survive the reputational damage of a security breach and the financial impact of the recovery? The number of companies in the country that have been compromised by malware is going to increase exponentially due to the global pandemic, so companies must prepare themselves. In this episode, Max Clark talks with National Cyber Security Specialist, Ivan Paynter, about why security is not, or should not ever be an afterthought. Paynter takes us on a deep dive into what integrated security actually looks like for companies.